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Garden Giving Update

Collecting Extra Veggies

A student collects excess greens to donate to charity.

Last fall our staff volunteered to help in the creation of a garden at Shady Grove Elementary School of theWissahickon School District in Montgomery County. Cedar Run Landscapes donated soil, labor, and equipment which helped students create and plant a vegetable and flower garden.

Students working in the garden during recess.

The school’s initial goal was to help teach students about the earth and environment. As time has passed, another benefit that has taken form; students have been harvesting excess lettuce, spinach, and chard from their garden and donating it to the local food cupboard. They have also created a garden club, where students volunteer during their recess to help care for the garden.


Grand Opening success

A very nice "thank you" from Montgomery Elementary School

A very nice "thank you" from Montgomery Elementary School

The Grand Opening of our pond and rain garden at Montgomery Elementary school was a hit. The kids had a great time, showing their parents what they had helped to plant and build in order to complete the project. It was a great way to get the school and Cedar Run Landscapes together to celebrate the success of Ponds for Kids.

More pictures from the work on the project on Flickr!

Getting ready for the Grand Opening

Montgomery Elementary school students, working hard to help build their new rain garden

Montgomery Elementary school students, working hard to help build their new rain garden

It was very cool to have Cedar Run Landscapes and the students at Montgomery Elementary on yesterday’s NBC 10 Show!  – check out a video of the broadcast online if you missed it… Today we’ll be back at Montgomery Elementary  installing an LED lighting system for the pond, landscape and waterfalls. We’ll  also  go over all the work the students did in the past two days to make any necessary adjustements – we want to make sure that the rainwater harvesting systems and plants grow successfully, and and also look great for the Ice Cream Social/Pond Grand Opening with the students and their parents on Friday night.

Have you seen our rainwater harvesting Pond for Kids yet? What do you think about this project?

Back to school!

Montgomery Elementary class by their new pond project

Montgomery Elementary class by their new pond project

Today, the Cedar Run crew and I led 12 classes for over 600 students at Montgomery Elementary School for our Ponds for Kids project, what a blast!

We started the project in August, getting the rough in work done and staging a lot of the materials in the courtyard. The students are really excited – they worked with us today and will continue tomorrow. Even the parents were working, too – they were there to chaperone, but some of them saw how much fun the kids were having and wanted to pitch right in.

I gave each of the classes a short lecture and question and answer period at the start of their session. We explained what we were doing in the courtyard, and then had them put on gloves and they did the planting, adding soil, grading, adding rock and gravel and on and on. Tomorrow we will plant the carnivore bog, along with daffodils and tulips, mulching, hook up the pump for the hose to tap into the stored water and plant more native wetland plants and, shrubs and perennials.

My voice is worn out, but the kids, teachers and my staff are having a great time.

Alden Zove "The Rain Guy" helping to dig the pond for kids

Mr. Taylor, Principal of Montgomery Elementary, and Alden "The Rain Guy" Zove, preparing to dig a hole for the school rain garden.

“Ponds for Kids” underway at Montgomery Elementary School

Some exciting news! Cedar Run Landscapes has begun a new project – building a rainwater harvesting system at Montgomery Elementary School.

The new ecosystem includes an underground Aquascape RainXchange rainwater harvesting cistern, an 8ft x 11ft pond, waterfall, stream, bog, and rain garden in the school’s courtyard.

The North American Water Garden Society (N.A.W.G.S.) established “Ponds for Kids” to help schools in find great contractors to create a multidisciplinary learning environment.  More information on the Ponds for Kids program can be found on their website.

Cedar Run Landscapes is donating the labor and encouraging students to help participate in the process by planting the rain garden plants and laying stones, gravel, and mulch. We’re hoping that this project will bring hands-on outdoor classroom  lessons in water conservation, ecosystems, and the environment. The courtyard was previously overrun by weeds and underutilized by staff and students – students and teachers will appreciate the reinvention of this space for learning important interactive lessons about water conservation, while being outdoors: a win-win situation. Stay tuned for updates on this project!

A Grand Opening of the pond will be celebrated with Cedar Run Landscapes and the students, parents, and families on Friday, September 25th from 6pm-8pm during the school’s Ice Cream Social.

Ponds for Kids underway!

Ponds for Kids underway!

Alex’s Lemonade Stand Pond Tour for the Cure

The Alex’s Lemonade stand Pond Tour for the Cure was a great success! Cedar Run Landscapes, as well as several other Delaware Valley Aquascapers helped to organize the event with the Alex’s Lemonade Stand foundation. Over 200 people  toured our private and commercial ponds on August 1, and donations ended up totaling $8,109.07 – far more than our projected number of $3,000! A few photos from the event are now on Flickr

We were happy to be able to contribute to this very important cause. Check out the Alex’s Lemonade Stand blog, with pictures and videos from the event.

Cedar Run team members guiding visitors on the Pond Tour for the Cure

Cedar Run team members guiding visitors on the Pond Tour for the Cure

Discs are for kids!

I’ve just announced that I am volunteering to run a disc golf clinic for the Boy Scout Troop from Thomas Fitzwater Elementary School in Upper Dublin. Our first meeting will be on Tuesday May 19th at 6:30 P.M. , meeting at the flagpole by the parking lot at Zehr Tract.

Disc Golf (sometimes referred to as “frisbee golf” or “rolf”) is another passion of mine, and I can often be found playing on weekend afternoons up at the Sedgley Woods course in Philadelphia. My company, Cedar Run Landscapes, donates time every month towards maintaining the more recently built course in Montgomery Township, right around the corner from our nursery. It’s a lot of fun, and a great, relaxing way to spend time outdoors – with minimal impact on the environment, as a bonus… Check out Friends of Sedgley Woods and the Professional Disc Golf Association for more information on this sport. And if you’re local, please stop by Thomas Fitzwater

Disc golf is similar to "ball golf" but uses discs to hit a metal chain basket target

Disc golf is similar to "ball golf" but uses discs to hit a metal chain basket target

on the 19th and say hello!