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Garden Giving Update

Collecting Extra Veggies

A student collects excess greens to donate to charity.

Last fall our staff volunteered to help in the creation of a garden at Shady Grove Elementary School of theWissahickon School District in Montgomery County. Cedar Run Landscapes donated soil, labor, and equipment which helped students create and plant a vegetable and flower garden.

Students working in the garden during recess.

The school’s initial goal was to help teach students about the earth and environment. As time has passed, another benefit that has taken form; students have been harvesting excess lettuce, spinach, and chard from their garden and donating it to the local food cupboard. They have also created a garden club, where students volunteer during their recess to help care for the garden.


Veggie Gardens and Sowing your Seeds

Although snow still blankets the ground and there seems to be no sight of spring, it’s time to start thinking about the veggie garden.  Vegetable gardens are a great way to help out the environment while providing your family with delicious and pesticide free food. By growing your own veggies your keeping food local, which helps lower pollution by eliminating fuel used to transport food from all over the world to your market.

If you want to grow your veggies from seed, starting them inside will offer several advantages.

  • Saves you money by not having to buy seedlings from garden centers come springtime.
  • You have more varieties to choose from.
  • You don’t have to wait until soil outside is warm enough to begin outdoor seed germination.
  • Starting early may help those who are feeling a little cabin fever

Make sure you do your research about what veggies you want to grow and when you should plant them. Most seeds will need about 4 to 8 weeks to germinate before the last frost date. Here are a few links that will get you one your way to starting your own veggie garden. Good Luck.

Starting Seeds Indoors

Best Planting Dates for Seeds

Starting Vegetable Seeds Indoors That 
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